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Golden Garage Doors | When a spring breaks. . .

There is a proper way to go about things.  First off, remain calm.  It can be a very disturbing experience since it can be loud, unexpected, and you may even see stuff fly all over the place.

This is all normal when a spring snaps.

Next, call a qualified garage door repair company to come out and fix the problem immediately,  If they recommend that you replace both springs at once, they’re looking out for your best interest since springs tend to wear at the same rate, so if one goes, the other soon will.

And that’s it.  Pretty straight forward!

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Golden Garage Doors | When a spring breaks. . .

Noisy Garage Door Opener

Ah, yes!  You have found the perfect neighborhood, the perfect home and yard at an affordable price.  Your place in suburbia has been reserved for you and the American dream is becoming a reality.  With the busy weeks of moving, organizing, painting new wall colors and sharpening the landscape of the yard taking up your concentration, you have yet to meet the neighbors.

They seem friendly, similar in life style to yourself and have just added to the enjoyment and contentment you have found with your new home.  Then it happens:  during a beautiful summer night, when you are deep in sleep with soft breezes blowing into your bedroom from an open window, the most horrible screeeeech breaks the silence!  When out on the street there arose such a clatter, you spring from your bed to see what is the matter! Away to the window you fly like a flash, you open the shades and throw up the sash! Ack! Your neighbor’s garage door is yammering at high pitch as he rolls home at 2 a.m.**

What do you do?  Your shangri-la and perfect Camelot has been tarnished.

First, arm yourself with the facts:  most noisy garage doors are caused by poor maintenance.  Any number of moving parts could be the culprit; hinges, bearings, rollers, chains, idlers, pullies and even bent, dented or broken tracks.  The best way to prevent this intrusion of peace is to have your garage door and parts inspected by a professional once or twice a year.  Lubricate regularly with garage door lubricant, NOT Wd-40!  Today, there are even ultra quiet openers that can be operated by smart phones.

Suggestion to solve problem:  send your neighbor a gift certificate for a garage door inspection.  Anonymously of course!

** Loosely interpreted from the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” first published in the Troy Sentinel, New York, on December 23, 1823.

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